Cathy Quinn Educational Consultant

1. Mentoring of Principal and Leadership Team to improve parental engagement.

There is so much that a Principal needs to be an expert in and parental engagement is now add to that ever growing list.  To become an expert in an area requires time and on going professional learning. This mentoring program assists with this process by providing for the principal the latest research at their finger tips.  This mentoring process provides support for the principal to embed this research easily into their individual vision for teaching and learning in the school.

Why? Research states that when parents and teachers work together the effect on students’ learning can be more than double.

2. Workshops for teachers and parents to build their capacity to work in partnership with each other for the benefit of the child’s learning.

These workshops are designed to provide practical skills for parents and teachers to work together for the benefit of the student. For parents that means reclaiming their role as the first educator of their child and learning what is most effective to do, particularly in the home.

For teachers this means practical skills to include parents in their very important role of teaching by showing parents what they can do to engage with their child’s learning that is most effective based on research.



3. Latest Research Subscription

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and Principals has a focus on engaging parents in the learning of their children. There are six evidence based parental engagement strategies that increase students’s academic achievement and wellbeing. To provide all the latest research in this new and important area, articles are written for parents, teachers and principal. The articles written for teachers provide practical tips in how to extend the conversations in the classroom to the home so that home and school are on the same page. The articles written for parents give them practical tips on how to start using them, particularly in the home.  The background and research behind the six strategies is easily accessible in the articles written for principals.
Receive the latest research findings broken into easy to apply steps for Principals, Teachers and Parents.
Strategy topic delivered via email – 12 topics for each of the 3 audiences over the school year.